The Popularity Of Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections in India

There are some cultures that place a great deal on the fairness of a person and this is particularly true of India as a whole.  Thus Glutathione skin whitening injections in India have had a ready demand right across different sections of society.  This need not mean that all dark skinned people are ugly.  It is just that fairer skin is held at a premium in the very culture of the land.

Right through the ages formulae that sought to lighten the skin has been in high demand in India and this sort of a mental makeup has seen many products that sought to bring about a lighter skin.  Often the ability of a product to bring about a fairer look has to be questioned as a lot of operators do take this need to their advantage, to provide solutions that are at best questionable in action.

Understanding the skin color

The human skin is given the color that it takes primarily by the pigments present in the outer layer of the skin, which is the epidermis.  Here there are two types of pigmentation that together constitute the color that people see in a person’s appearance.  The first is the Pheomelanin and the other the Eumelanin.  These two components act in opposing manner in the contribution to skin color and their action in detail is detailed below.

            Pheomelanin: This could be taken as the positive contributor to the color of a person’s skin.  It typically is constituted by two color elements and that is the yellow and the red component.  Together they decide the exact color that a human would take.  Thus it is the varying ratios of the different color elements that get to decide on the general color of a person.  The amount of Pheomelanin varies in each person and is decided by the hormonal level in each individual.  It is also a fact that even in people having the same level of the stimulating hormone, the degree of fairness differs too.  So it is a very subjective topic that is best accepted as it is rather than try to make sense of the finer aspects of how things work.

            Eumelanin: This is the second constituent pigment of the skin color and works in combination with Pheomelanin to bring on the final hue of the skin.  The Eumelanin acts to increases the darkness of the skin color.  This is an important function as there are a lot of places that need to present a dark tan to the sunlight or else it could have a damaging effect.  The Eumelanin can be taken to be the protector pigment and is also produced in response to certain hormonal levels prevailing in the body.

The action of the Glutathione chemical

It could be said that Glutathione acts as both a push and a pull to the skin color.  The two contributing factors to skin color acts in opposite directions to the presence of this stimulant and it must be said of the action that it is best to combine the two pigmentations to bring on the best in result.  A brief study is done on the action of the Glutathione on the two separate components of the skin color, the Pheomelanin and Eumelanin.

            Pheomelanin: The direct action of Glutathione is to boost the production of the Pheomelanin.  This is done by the boost in the production of the hormones that directly control the production of this pigment component.  It is rather a slow effect and people on the treatment must be counseled on the need to be patient for results to show.  Since the changes have to occur at the very basic level that not just boosts the Pheomelanin but the basic form that gets to boost Pheomelanin, it does take a while for results to be evident.

            If something that needs an emphasis with regard to treatment forms with the Glutathione injections, it is that the changes once it occurs, is more permanent than most comparable treatment forms.  Thus for the most people seeking to have a lighter skin can take comfort from this situation as it provides a lasting solution to a dark skin unlike a lot of solutions that only bring about a temporary relief from the condition at best.

            Eumelanin: The primary function of Glutathione injection is to reduce the production of this color pigment component.  As with the Pheomelanin, the Eumelanin too is varying in most people and does have a direct relation to the ethnicity of the person on most occasions.  It could be said that places of strong sunlight have instances of people that are darker skinned than places of mild sunlight.

            It is a fact that Eumelanin does protect the person from the harmful effect of the sunlight.  The Glutathione acts by reducing the production of Eumelanin and in the process bring on a lighter skin color.  Like the first case, the action is slow in coming and people on the injection must wait for the suppression of formation of Eumelanin to kick in.

            An added action of the Eumelanin is to combine with the atmospheric oxygen to form a dark layer on the outer of the skin.  The ultra violet rays in the sunlight only aids in the process and this is why people that keep out of the sun long enough do have a lighter skin than those that take to the sunlight.  It must be cautioned that the reduced Eumelanin does create a situation that complete protection from the harmful sunlight is missing.  Thus such people must exercise caution when venturing out into the daylight.

The selling point with Glutathione skin whitening injections in India

If there is indeed a strong aspect to using the Glutathione injections, then it is that it is conveniently administered to most requirements.  The actual strength of the active element, the Glutathione, is varied as to suit the needs of each person and is best left to the judgment of the treating doctor.  It is also a fact that Glutathione does not cause any adverse reaction on any other medication that a person might be using at that time of treatment either.