Radon Mitigation in Racine

According to a recent research, the risk of radon poisoning in the state of Wisconsin is way higher than any other state. The main reason for this increased threat is the location of the state. Wisconsin is a state that is surrounded by lakes and water bodies. The rate of radon poisoning in this state is 3 times higher than in any other state. This means that one in every three houses in the state of Wisconsin is poisoned with radon. One city in Wisconsin that is at a possible risk of radon poisoning is Racine.

Radon mitigation Racine


An important question that raised in this regard is that why is mitigation an easy target for radon poisoning? Well, this is because of two contributing factors. Firstly as mentioned earlier Racine is located on the shore of the Lake Michigan. The most feasible source of radon transmission is water. Therefore the location of the city makes it naturally prone to fall a prey to radon poisoning.

Secondly, soon after its production Radon undergoes radioactive decay breaking down into two parts. The first part is a radon daughter element formed due to the transmission of electrons from one orbit or shell to another. As this transfer of electrons in the radon atom takes place the original radon atom loses its identity and to accommodate this displacement of electrons releases a part of radiation. This radiation is mobile and cannot be restricted to a specific area. It naturally spreads and moves to new places carrying the contamination with it and spreading the radon poison. Hence the whole state of Wisconsin is prone to radon contamination.


Radon poisoning is a serious concern as it is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in non-smokers. The first and foremost thing that can be done in this regard is to perform Radon Mitigation Racine.

Experts suggest using built-in mitigation equipment in houses and buildings. The installation of a vent system is the most commonly used technique for radon mitigation Racine in this regard. The vent system installation suctions the entrapped air and removes it from the building and replaces it with fresh air.

Experts suggest investing in good radon mitigating systems that do the required exchange of air automatically after a while. These mitigation systems may seem like an expensive investment at the time of construction but they are a long-term investment that does not require many expenses on them in the name of maintenance. They only maintenance they require is a change of filter and oiling of the vent motor along with the cleaning of the fans occasionally.

Moreover, radon mitigation RacineĀ is an essential need in the areas and investing in a built-in system may prevent the irreversible damage that the extended radon exposure can cause to the people living in the building. The amount spent on a mitigation system is way less as compared to the amount spent in the name of medical bills and health insurances.